Thursday, January 4, 2018

Jan 04 2018 - Lake Somerville to home

Another crisp morning - 26 degrees after sun-up.  We pack up the van and take another walk down to the lake.  On the way we see lots of frost flowers  They are amazing but very fragile.
Frost Flowers
 The lake looks even nicer this morning than last night. Which ever direction you look it just beautiful

After waiting a bit longer for the pipes to thaw so we can dump, we head out via the office to pay for last nights stay.

On the way home we stopped by the Magnolia Market place in Waco.  This was made famous by the 'fixer-upper' tv series.   It sells a limited range of over-priced junk but its fun to mooch around on  a sunny day.  $3-50 for a cupcake!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Jan 03 2018 - Goliad to Lake Somerville

First warm day for a while.  Goliad State Park is also a State Historic Site and contains a restored Colonial Era mission.  Great fun to explore, and then hike around the nature trail behind it.

Old Kiln used by the CCC during restoration

Just outside the park - a short walk away is the Presidio La Bahia   Too much history to explain here - follow the link.  But the Goliad massacre should have made Goliad more famous than the Alamo.

After lunch we pull out and head for Somerville Lake State Park.

After lunch we pull out and head for Somerville Lake State Park. Arrived just at dusk and headed down to the lake to take a look. Really pretty!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Jan 02 2018 - Lake Texana to Goliad

Early morning view while strolling around Lake Texana.

Where's the trailer?

Another chilly day - and rain is predicted on the coast, so we head South-West towards Goliad 
State Park.  On the way we bump into to city of Victoria. Great little town.
If you are ever in Victoria - you need to pop into the visitor information center. You will be greeted by this lovely lady. She is the only reason we walked around town on such a cold day!

Rosebud Fountain and Grill

Fossati's Deli

Clare pretending not to be cold

The bad guys and the judge appear from under here

Oh little town of Goliad....

Monday, October 30, 2017

Oct 26..30 2017 - Pineknot and Tyler State Park

Jim used to work at a place where they made accessories for Casita travel trailers.
That was where the interest in owning a  molded fiberglass  travel trailer came from.
Casitas are made in Texas and only sold through the 'factory' - so there are a lot in Texas.
Twice a year folks gather for a Casita "rally"  This time of year its at Salmon Lake Park in Grapeland.  The other one is in Bandera (in the hill country)

Have a picture of a cow.

Then off we trot to Tyler State Park.
Plenty of easy trails around the lake and up and down the hills....

Monday, October 2, 2017

Oct 02 2017 - Granbury sunset

We often get great sunsets in Texas.  At our previous house in Duncanville we were surround by tall trees so only got to see them through the trees.. Here in Granbury we are on a slight rise with nothing tall to the West.  So we see more sunsets.
Cant choose just one picture for tonight so here are them all....

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