Monday, October 30, 2017

Oct 26..30 2017 - Pineknot and Tyler State Park

Jim used to work at a place where they made accessories for Casita travel trailers.
That was where the interest in owning a  molded fiberglass  travel trailer came from.
Casitas are made in Texas and only sold through the 'factory' - so there are a lot in Texas.
Twice a year folks gather for a Casita "rally"  This time of year its at Salmon Lake Park in Grapeland.  The other one is in Bandera (in the hill country)

Have a picture of a cow.

Then off we trot to Tyler State Park.
Plenty of easy trails around the lake and up and down the hills....

Monday, October 2, 2017

Oct 02 2017 - Granbury sunset

We often get great sunsets in Texas.  At our previous house in Duncanville we were surround by tall trees so only got to see them through the trees.. Here in Granbury we are on a slight rise with nothing tall to the West.  So we see more sunsets.
Cant choose just one picture for tonight so here are them all....

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sep 24 2017 - Clarendon,TX to home

Just a 5 hour run home from here.  287 parallels a railroad much of the way. Long coal trains are often seen here.  In the old days, if we beeped our horn at the driver he would cheerfully blast back.  They seem less willing to do that now - but we still try.

Finally home - our wonderful neighbor has been keeping the visible front lawn neat - we told him not to worry about the back yard.  It certainly needed a haircut.

All safely tucked away and ready for the next adventure!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sep 23 2017 - Raton,NM to Clarendon,TX

Not much to see on the journey today - but we end up at a pretty lake in Clarendon.
Not many folks here - and its threatening to rain, but a group campers turn up complete with boats and beer.  It is a weekend after all.  They were no trouble and kept to themselves.

Last camping picture for this trip - enjoy!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Sep 22 2017 - Chama,NM to Raton,NM

Up early to catch the "up" train.  You can tell its going up!

Today we are chugging our way south East - and today we go via Taos.  But before we get there, while motoring along a flat boring stretch with mountains up ahead, suddenly we are hundreds of feet above the Rio Grande.  Wasn't expecting that!   Had to u-turn on the far side to get back to the hidden overlook.

Notice the manekin top left....

Then we take the scenic loop around Taos ski valley, before heading East on Hiway 64

As the day winds down we find ourselves in the dusty town of Cimarron.  Another place that was famous back in the days of the wild west.  The Hotel just out of town has an interesting history.  St James Hotel

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