Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sep 9 2017 - A tour of our new house

Well here it is.  This is the front 'dinette'  Everything you need - Wine,beer,laptop, pot plant.  We haven't mentioned the plant yet.  Its from our Texas house.  As we were leaving for this trip we had a last look around and it was pleading with us to come along.  So we have managed to keep it alive and now it has a new home.   This end becomes a quite comfortable bed - its even big enough for Jim!
If you look carefully you can see that the trailer is wide enough to have storage under the shelf the plant is on.  This is unusual in a trailer of this length.  And loads of storage above and even a radio.

The back end.  That sofa can become a bed.  Wardrobe on right end of sofa.  Large fridge with separate freezer to right of wardrobe, and wet  bath is behind that final door on the right.
Up on the roof you can  just see the reversible exhaust fan,  there is an A/C up there too in the middle of the trailer.  Storage above, storage below....

Shoes mark the entry door! 3 burner cooktop is hiding under the mugs.  Oven is an unusual feature in such a small trailer. There is a sink under the taps.  Loads of storage.  Down low next to the blue cool-box is one of the 3 heat ducts.  Yes it has a furnace to keep us toasty.

A quick look at the outside - you can see a large awning rolled up over the door side, the big lump on the roof is the A/C, the front window rock guard is down (it hinges up to just above horizontal) and the box on the front contains 2 propane tanks and 2 12v batteries.

The inside lights (LED) and fans run off 12V
Water pump (if using on-board tank) is 12V
Water heater is propane
Furnace is propane
Fridge switches between propane and 120V
A/C needs 120V

Running down the road the fridge is on propane.
If you get to a campground with electric, it switches over automatically,
and an on-board charger tops up the batteries.

So why did we buy this trailer? Jim can stand up in it (rare)  Jim can sleep in it (rare) Having a window at each end makes it feel airy.  Most importantly it was available at the right time.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Sep 8 2017 - Chilliwack to Lynden,WA

Well here it is - hooked up for the first time in the rain.  First task is to test the trailer brakes - they are electric brakes controlled by a magic box hooked up to the brake pedal in the tow vehicle.  It uses the inertia of the car to decide how many volts to send to the trailer.  I was worried at first as nothing happened when I tried them.  It then dawned on me that they only work when you are going along - they are electromagnets that use the spinning drum to apply the brakes.  Once I remembered that we gingerly headed out and tested them on the road.   Success!

Once our friend Walt had inspected his new trailer and paid for - the delivery driver appeared to tell us it was time to go.  (They deliver it over the border to remove import hassles)
Time is money for him so he was off at fast pace.  We were plodding along at the back of the line.  At the border - the commercial trucks go through their own line (fast) and we crawl through with the tourists.  We had not purchased the trailer yet - but we were towing it as Walt's tow was all set up for the new Escape.  So naturally at the border we were 'randomly' selected for special attention.  This was a worrying time as we were fully responsible for the contents of someone else's trailer - but as it turned out they just confiscated some fruit.  I was a nerve-wracking hour or so.

So here we are in out first campground.  Patiently waiting for the previous owner to remove all his stuff so we can move in.  The wine helped!
While we were waiting we had a walk around - spotted the trailer below - how cool!

We did get all moved in after dark.
We'll show you some inside pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sep 7 2017 - Bellingham WA to Chilliwack,BC Canada

Today's destination is Chilliwack in British Columbia.  That is Canada in case you didn't know.
We need to be at the Escape Travel Trailer factory to pick up our new home.  A friend is getting a shiny new Escape and we are taking his old (2002) Bigfoot  Trailer.  To make sure there are no border hassles for his appointment we are going over today.
Clare has a reason too - there is a massive British store in Chilliwack and she has been dreaming of Scotch eggs for weeks.  And as luck would have it they get their Scotch Egg order in every Thursday.  So we asked in the in-store Bakery for Scotch Eggs - none!  They hadn't ordered any this week as the kids were back in school.  Say WHAT?    Oh well.  Just to wind them up even more we ordered Scotch Eggs at cafe.  Naturally we ended up with 1 ploughmans and 1 Shepherds pie, but we tried.

How big is this place?   over 10,000 square feet of British nonsense.  Great fun

Then its off to look around Cultus Lake...

and finally a walk along the Chilliwack river to get up an appetite for supper

Its a wasp nest

Tomorrow - the first day of the rest of our lives.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sep 6 2017 Omak,WA to Bellingham,WA

Winding our way along.....
There was some lovely scenery but was once more hidden by the some.

Stopped for coffee at Winthrop.  Another town that knows how to cater to tourists!

Then up we went over the Washington pass.
First picture is what it should look like (a photo of a photo at the visitors center)
Second photo is what we saw...

Great overlook though - must be amazing on a clearer day.

Then down the other side towards Ross Lake.

Gorge creek from the road bridge - very scary for Jim  -its a long way down and he's scared of heights

Found this one in Sedro-Woolley while mooching around town.  Just thought it was pretty.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sep 5 2017 - Ronan,MT to Omak,WA


Just down the road from our motel is the tiny town of St-Ignatius.  It has a splendid mission.

Look at the picture top row second from left.  Those are the hills behind the mission.  WE never saw them through the smoke.

 Another state the whiz though.  We'll see more on the way back.

Priest river.


Is it clearing? First time we've seen the sun in a few days!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Sep 4 2017 - Around Flathead lake.

Random pictures from today's drive-around.  No point going high up the mountains because of the smoke...

From Hungry Horse Dam

Hungry Horse Resevoir

Conrad mansion - Kalispell




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