Friday, March 31, 2017

Mar 31 2017 - Huntsville to home.

Another day in paradise.  First order of the day - make tea!

Yes there are gators in that lake

Then pack up the van and go pay - before coming back in to explore.

Hear no evil, see no evil......
After basking in the sun for a while and enjoying breakfast by the lake its off to the Sam Houston monument.
This massive white statue is visible from the freeway - and if you visit it you are pretty much standing on the shoulder with trucks whizzing past at 70 mph. But the flowers are pretty this time of year.

Just a teaser of the way

With Clare for some scale!

Then off into town for lunch and a look around. Huntsville is a great town.  Its a university town so you know it must be affordable.  Lots of interesting history to poke around at..
Guess who died in the "steamboat house"

Final place we went to was the Texas Prison museum.. We weren't expecting much here but ended up spending a couple of hours.  Lots of famous and infamous folks passed through the Texas prison system and the story of how punishment has evolved over the years is more interesting than it sounds.

Here is old sparky...

And here is a sample "last meal" request...

So thats it.  3 hour drive home and we are done.

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