Monday, April 17, 2017

April 2017 - Getting the house ready to sell

Remember what we are trying to do here?

  • Move to a much smaller house (no maintenance)
  • Get a new tow vehicle.
  • Get a travel trailer.
  • Go travel.

Much of April was spent on the finishing touches on the house before putting it on the market.
We have a long planned multi-week vacation to China coming up early next month so the plan is to market the house the moment we get back.

While painting the siding out back, I was being supervised by this little green fellow.
He lives behind the downspout and wasn't going to go far.  I tried to warn him about the wet paint - but would he listen? Now he's the only green lizard with a white racing stripe...

One last burn in the fire pit for old times sake

Last time we will see these Iris..

And last time we will see high water in our river -and hear the roar...

Here is how it all ended up looking - we used Zillow "make me move" to see if anyone was interested
Our old listing.

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