Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 31 2017 - Found our new house

We have been looking in ever increasing circles for our new house.  Remember what we are trying to do here - downsize into a newer, cheaper, no-maintenance house with a no-maintenance yard, and space to store our trailer,  but with  plenty of resale potential.  Well today we found it  -  in Granbury!.  If  you remember a long time ago we came through Granbury on one of our earlier trips and we liked the place... Well today we found this gem for sale by owner.

It meets all the requirements and on the Fort Worth side of Granbury so we can get to DFW in about 1 hour if we need to.

And just in time as we close on our old house tomorrow. We are leasing it back for 1 month to  give us time to close on this one.  It will be strange being tenants in our own home.  We'll look after it though and still cut the grass.  Might stop buying plants for the garden now though.  :)

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