Thursday, May 18, 2017

May 18 2017 - New roof

We arrive back from China (it was great by the way - buy us a beer and we'll tell you more) to find the roofing material stacked neatly on the driveway as promised.  

 Our task was to cut the grass short near the house to make cleanup easier. That was done at first light and then the workers turn up - 18 of them at one point.  They tarp all  of the landscaping and the pool then get on with it.  Its a dodgy day weather-wise, so they do it in stages:  strip - clean - line - shingle.
All  hand nailed (and yes they have all their fingers)

At the end of a long day they tidy all their mess up and even use a long magnet to sweep for nails in the lawn.  Very impressed.   New carpets tomorrow and we are done.  Phew!

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