Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 26 2017 - Who is throwing rocks?

Negotiations for the house sale were going well.
We  were readying for our big China vacation next week.
Rudely awakened at 6 AM by a horrible noise.
Took some time realize that it was massive hail.
There goes the roof!

A few days later the insurance assessor turns up.  Our friendly roofer accompanies him and the verdict is quickly returned - new roof.

From the pictures you can see how they do their work - on each elevation they count the number of "bruises" in a given area.  If its over some threshold they pay.
Sounds good right?  - Well of course the roofer gets paid fully but Joe homeowner needs to come up with the deducible.  We are instantly $7000 poorer.   Learnt a lot about roofs and insurance policies today.   We arrange for the roofing crew to be ready for the day we get back from China.

The good news of course is that now absolutely everything has been replaced on the house so the survey will find nothing wrong and we can get top dollar.

No more from us for a few weeks - China beckons.

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