Wednesday, April 19, 2017

April 19 2017 Banderra Texas

Late April brings the annual "Bluebonnet" Casita travel trailer rally in Bandera "Cowboy capital of the world  We have been a few times before, so no pictures of Bandera this time.

Our drive down took us through Lampasas. A sleepy little town with an almost-nice courthouse square.

Then on to Bandera to set up our accommodations. This is our "Clam"screened room - for keeping the sun off - and the bugs off.  We  still sleep in the van.

At these rallies, various activities are organised to keep the rabble amused.  We attend all of those that involve adult beverages..  After a few glasses of wine everything looks a bit like this..

On the last day many folks open their trailers to show off their personal touches.  Continuing the theme above we spotted this very clever way of stopping the wine glasses from breaking in transit...
Just slide them into beer coozies!

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