Thursday, April 20, 2017

April 20 2017 - Comfort and Fredericksburg

We took a short drive today to Fredericksburg.  On the way we happened upon the small town of Comfort and had a quick wander around - we like this place!

Read this carefully...

A lovely low-key town.  Then off the the big F.  We didnt like it as much - just a bit too commercial for us.  But we had fun anyway.
We strolled around the historic district and found a few delights
One store you must not miss is Rustlin Rob's   Hot sauces,dips,spread,jellies - well you get the idea.  And they have hundreds of samples. We grazed in there for a long time and of course brought some goodies home.  We skipped the renowned National Museum of the Pacific War as it was so darned expensive.
but it was in  a nice building!

Vereins Kirche

Zion Lutheran church

On the way back to camp we happened onto Old Tunnel State Park.  As you might have guessed this is on old railroad tunnel. Pretty exciting huh?  This was part of the railroad that used to link Fredericksburg with San Antonio.   They pulled the rails in 1940, but those clever Mexican free-tailed bats found it and use it on their Summer migrations.  Its not Summer  today so no bats to be seen (but they can be  smelled) so we took a quick hike then retired back to base.

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